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I fell into a deep and cavernous navel...

"Tiffany, Friend of People of Color: White Investments in Anti-Racism"

The way she organized the article is giving me a headache.....she did it on purpose though, I think.

Anyhow, I forget who I got this from...if you know...let me know so I can edit and thank the person.

A choice quote:

Over time, ritualized prostrations and libations may change in style, but their function remains unaltered. A few years ago, white feminist researchers routinely included a disclaimer in the introductions to their books saying, in effect, "Because I am a white, middle-class, middle-aged, able-bodied, Catholic-raised, heterosexual, widowed, slender, fourth-generation Italian mother of two, the research in this volume reflects the cultural limitations of that perspective."

Huge guffaws.

Mmm, navelly.

I am still forming impressions of it...initial impression is...this is very academic-y. But I am trying to apply it to the experience of being a white grade school teacher whose students are 90% of color in a 90% white rural school district. ;)
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