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Save the White Proddies!

The Times has spewed forth a truly heartbreaking sob story about a marginalized ethnic-religious group that has been tragically left behind in the world of New York politics, and the mayoral candidate who has bravely chosen to take on a System that is stacked against him.


Today's Loneliest Political Minority? It's Probably The the White Protestant

In New York City, where race and ethnicity often loom large in local campaigns, and where no group constitutes a majority, Gifford Miller is the mayoral candidate of a forgotten minority.

His Democratic rivals include a Hispanic Roman Catholic, a black Baptist and a Jew, giving these opponents a natural constituency that can help in the voting booth. But Mr. Miller, the City Council speaker, is the only white Anglo-Saxon Protestant in the race in a city where non-Hispanic whites account for fewer than one-third of the population.


Mr. Miller, an Episcopalian of Dutch, German and English extraction, readily acknowledges his pedigree, but largely discounts it. "In the end, New Yorkers, no matter what their faith, have the same concerns," he said. "They vote on the basis of who will improve their lives."

As for whether he is handicapped in raising money or political support without the broader ethnic or racial base other candidates often court, Mr. Miller replied, with a touch of humor: "I think it's very hard as a WASP to claim disadvantages. WASP's have generally done awfully well in society, so I'm not going to make any complaints."


This year, nobody has brandished Mr. Miller's ethnicity as a weapon against him, but he is obviously aware of his vulnerabilities (which might be one reason he has learned to sing, among other things, the Israeli national anthem in Hebrew).

"It's clear that he has a very limited natural political base," said Chris McNickle, a Ferrer supporter and author of "To Be Mayor of New York." "His candidacy has not taken off, and I think that's one of the reasons why."

(click headline for the full article, if you can stomach it: registration required.)

How gracious of Mr. Gifford, using "humor" to downplay the forces arrayed against his candidacy.

Our fearless NYT staffer clearly knows more than the Giff can say: the coloreds, Jews, and Papists always vote for their own - it's written into their various Protocols. The Doctrine of The Natural Base, if you will. While the intrepid journalist was not able to unearth any overt examples of anti-WASP bias, his tireless efforts still manage to bring to light the virulent Hate that lurks just beneath the surface.

For example, how degrading that such a dignified, genteel fellow as the Giff is forced to learn two-bit parlor tricks like singing songs in funny languages! The WASP built America held the whip to those who built America! And now he's reduced to cheap pandering? Outrageous!

People of color, Catholics, Jews: we must unite and help lift These People out of their beleaguered, woeful state. Who's up for a fundraiser? I'll bring the foie gras!
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