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From my white perspective...

...I'd like to know if I can be anti-racist. Even though I'm afraid of the brown folk on the street because of all those articles I've read (well, mostly watched on reliable, balanced news channels). But!!! I'm feminist and I have a vagina ANNNND I'm married to someone who has one too so I think I qualify for antiracism. Because I know a lot about oppression from ***personal experience*** and wouldn't oppress anyone unless they were being oppressive to someone else who is oppressed. Hang on, is there a hyphen in antiracist or no? (I don't feel like looking it up.)

Or, wait... are all of you, like, anti-anti-racist? If this isn't a safe space for me to grow and learn at your expense, just say the word. But think about the opportunity you'd miss to learn and grow a little yourselves. Shouldn't you set an EXAMPLE? I'm HERE; doesn't that count for something?

Also, please post more in this community so I learn something automatically every time I refresh my friends' list, without having to do, you know, research. Research makes me sleepy.

Anyway, thx. Free Mumia!
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