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Honky Navelgazing Spectravaganza
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bitter group of people tired of the exceptional white person anti-racist olympics, yet possibly unable to escape it

irony = reinscription = irony = reinscription = irony = reinscription

lather, rinse, repeat

What, you were hoping for something a bit more explicit? Well, the closest thing we've presently got to a statement of purpose is here Oh, and, you have to join the community (click where it says "to join this community click here") rather than add it as a friend (hit the plus-lj-person's-head button) to become a member.

Once you join, it'd be ducky if you'd post a bit of an introduction, because in order to do this kind of work it's important that we achieve and maintain a certain level of mutual trust. So let us know who you are, and then try to address these questions if you would:
* How'd you hear about the group?
* What about it interested you?
* What would you like to use it to work on? [This would ideally be for those honkies or others who feel they have benefited from white privilege to discuss areas of that experience they want to examine more closely. For POC, well, for being generous enough to want to listen to a bunch of honkies bang their heads against their own ignorance, you deserve a medal, but what else do you want to use the group for?]

Some guidelines: The definition of racism that we will use, which I stole from debunkingwhite, is racial privilege + power or a system of advantage based on race.

We are not in this space to debate whether racism or white privilege exist or are effects of other sociopolitical realities; we are here because we believe this definition is the most effective one available of undoing systemic inequities and our own conscious and unconscious received beliefs around race. Since we are in this space to examine our own racism, debating the semantics of this will be taken as a hindrance of that purpose, unless you've got a lot to bring to the table that we haven't foreseen.

We are absolutely in this space to talk about class, and how classism and racism intertwine, and how to talk about both without eliding either.

Other guidelines:
1-No personal attacks. That includes those of the racist (duh!), classist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, biphobic, or otherwise hateful variety, as well as just general personal attacks. Banning will occur.

2-Try to speak from your own experience, not from what you think someone else means. By all means, we are here to call each other on stuff, but if someone is approaching the work honestly and personally, respect the risk they're taking as well as the value of getting them to see what you want them to see. Likewise, if someone is telling you something that hurts, try to be honest with yourself about whether they are being cruel or telling you something you may need to slow down and listen to.

3-Remember, we are all here to laugh at honkydom. If you don't think honkies are funny--almost as much as they/we are tragic... this maybe isn't the group for you. If you do, let's have fun and get some work done!

At the moment, we are near capacity for the kind of intimate work we hope to accomplish. So if we don't add you, don't feel bad, but do feel free to start your own community to work on the same stuff. sparkle_shortz is happy to answer questions about this.

Some other groups on Livejournal that might be of interest (a very partial list for which submissions are solicited!):
debunkingwhite = general anti-racist group with a very large membership
glbtqawp = group specifically centered around examining racism and white privilege in the gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer and ally communities

Moderator: sparkle_shortz at livejournal dot com
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